Building The Net Worth Of Your Family!
Raising Financial FreedomNovember 13, 2021
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Building The Net Worth Of Your Family!

#40 As the holidays are approaching, family time is just around the corner! What better way to strengthen your family bond than by building generational wealth? 


In this episode of Raising Financial Freedom, Eric Welcomes the Wealth Twins, Nadia and Nicole, to explain how to build generational wealth in your family and how to teach your children about money and life planning. 


“Life changes and you have to be able to think forward and say “okay, if I’m no longer here, how could I protect the people I love?”


These self-made, millionaire mothers are known for sharing financial wisdom on their YouTube channel, helping others to make money and create sustainable wealth for generations to come. 


Listen in to gain insight into ways you can immediately start building the net worth and financial literacy of your family, especially if you’re a busy, working parent. Whether it’s through investments, updating your retirement account beneficiaries, or buying assets like index funds, taking a few small steps towards financial abundance will pay off tenfold later in life.


“Net worth is not tied to your job. It’s not about your paycheck, it’s about what you do with your paycheck. So, you can make that mindset change and you can do something about it immediately.”


Curious to dive deeper into this topic? Ask yourself these questions:

What does wealth mean for you and your family? 

What steps are you going to take today to start building generational wealth for your children? 


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