First Year Anniversary-Advice On Financial Freedom
Raising Financial FreedomNovember 29, 2021
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First Year Anniversary-Advice On Financial Freedom

#041 What advice do you have for parents trying to raise their kids to have financial freedom?

That’s the question Eric asked some of our guests from past episodes of Raising Financial Freedom. In this episode, you’ll hear their top tips and pieces of advice for parents on teaching their kids about finances, financial literacy, and life in general.


Our guests offer a lot of wisdom on raising kids to be financially independent… but almost every one of them emphasizes the importance of communication in teaching kids about financial literacy, nurturing their independence in decision-making, and making it fun to learn about money. 

 Listen in to learn the best ways to bring financial freedom and literacy into your home and how to start doing so today.

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THANK YOU for a fantastic 1 YEAR of Raising Financial Freedom! Stay tuned for more episodes coming your way!


Episode Timeline: What You’ll Learn & Questions Answered

00:00 – Intro: How do you raise financial freedom in kids?

02:02 – Sabrina Constantine: Teaching kids about finances, giving your kids a voice in decision-making, and reducing fear around money.

05:00 – Chelsea Robberson: Normalizing conversations about money, follow your kids’ interests, and having resources available for your kids to explore and learn on their own.

10:21 – Jacqueline Collins Prester: Talking to your children about finances at a young age and building a number sense through games and activities.

13:36 – Nick Loper: Being the CEO of your own home, tracking your profitability and net worth, and always running “tests” to see if things are working.

17:57 – Tod Christensen: Being open with your kids when they ask questions about money, expressing financial priorities instead of denying their wants, and playing financial games with your children. Bonus: Asking your kids their thoughts on the commercials that come on the TV.

18:15 – Thank you for an amazing YEAR of Raising Financial Freedom! & How to help us keep growing


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