How Can Your Child Avoid Student Loans with Brad Baldridge
Raising Financial FreedomMarch 29, 2022
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How Can Your Child Avoid Student Loans with Brad Baldridge

#047 With inflation and gas prices at an all-time high, it’s time for us to become more aware of our spending, avoid unnecessary expenses, and decrease the amount of debt we’re incurring. One of the major types of debt Americans incur comes in the form of student loans for higher education… and they often stick around for many years! So, how can we help our children avoid student loan debt? Today’s guest is going to teach you! 


Meet Brad Baldridge, a college funding specialist and college planning expert who helps parents navigate college planning and expenses through his private practice, blog, and his podcast, Taming the High Cost of College.


In this episode, Brad explains why it’s so easy to get into student loan debt, how to find the best college for your budget, and realistic ways to help your child pay for college without incurring a large student loan debt. Is it worth going into debt for a college education? Listen in to hear Brad’s candid thoughts on the value of a college degree compared to skipping college and going right into the workforce. Plus, Brad shares a few tactics, like hiring a coach, that will help your kids plan their college education, pick their major(s), and get the most bang for their buck.


“It’s a complicated game and you’ve got to understand the rules so that you can use the rules to your advantage… Colleges are a business. It’s their job to help you go to college but it’s not their job to keep your costs as low as possible.” - Brad Baldridge




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