Teaching Your Teenager Financial Responsibility
Raising Financial FreedomDecember 20, 2021
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Teaching Your Teenager Financial Responsibility

#042 How do you help teens become financially literate and make smart money moves before they reach adulthood? You have to get on their level and understand how they think…


Meet Charla McKinley, a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) who homeschooled her kids and is now teaching teens about money. In this episode, Charla talks about how to teach your teenagers about financial literacy, using and saving money wisely, and how adulting really works. She sheds light on why kids need different types of financial literacy curriculums based on their age, as well as how each child can benefit from tailored lessons based on their personality. Plus, Charla shares tactics you can use to teach your kids about the reality of adulting, the value of money, and being prepared for the workforce.


“Experience is the best teacher. It’s just that… when I learned, I wasted tens of thousands of dollars… If they learn it when they’re teenagers and it’s fake money, then hopefully when it’s real money, by the time they’re in their 20s, they’re a lot more wise.” - Charla McKinley


Sadly, personal finance isn’t a topic commonly taught in American school systems, but as parents, we have the power to give our kids the financial literacy needed to have a successful, happy life. Listen in to learn how to provide your kids with practical lessons based on real life scenarios.


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