Where To Start In Cryptocurrency As a Parent?
Raising Financial FreedomOctober 31, 2021
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Where To Start In Cryptocurrency As a Parent?

#039 Having existed for over 10 years now, cryptocurrency is gaining popularity and power around the globe, so it’s time to start talking to our kids about it. Many parents don’t want to get involved with cryptocurrency because they don’t understand it… but today, that’s going to change.


“Crypto is doing for money what the traditional Internet is doing for information.”


In this episode of Raising Financial Freedom, Eric welcomes Shahar Abrams, Founder and CEO of Road to Babylon, an organization focused on educating the masses on cutting edge financial tools, like cryptocurrency. Shahar explains what cryptocurrency is, how it works, and the different types of crypto coins available on the market so that you can start sharing this information with your kids.


“It’s a way for people to use money in the way that they want without anyone’s permission, without needing a bank account, without needing permission from a government.”


Listen in to learn about the technology behind cryptocurrency, known as block chains, as well as the basics of managing cryptocurrency online, where to safely set up a digital crypto wallet, and how to get your kids involved in investing in cryptocurrency. Plus, you’ll gain expert insight into what the future of crypto looks like and the pros and cons of investing in it.


“What I love most about [cryptocurrency] is I think it promises a better future. It promises a more inclusive financial future for everyone around the world.”



Resources & Apps Mentioned:

MetaMask: www.metamask.io 

Celsius Network: https://celsiusnetwork.app.link/197418b27f

Coinbase: www.coinbase.com 

Kraken: www.kraken.com 

Play to Earn: www.playtoearn.online 


Want to dive deeper into this topic? 

Stay connected with Shahar to enroll in his online course, The Complete Crypto Investor’s Toolkit: www.roadtobabylon.org/crypto-investor-toolkit-course 


Connect with Shahar Abrams:

Visit his website and sign up for his newsletter: www.roadtobabylon.org 

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Email him: Shahar@roadtobabylon.org


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